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Our Story


We believe a company should stand for something,
fulfill a purpose, and contribute something
special—even wonderful—to its customers and
its community, or it shouldn’t bother being
a company at all.


When it comes to smoothies, meal alternatives and
nutritional supplements, Emerald City Smoothie
stands for everything that is fresh, healthy,
nourishing and flavorful.



Through cutting edge nutritionsuperior quality and
caring service, we are committed to enhancing the
everyday lives of our customers—body, mind and spirit.



While it’s important that our customers know what
we stand for, it’s equally important that they know what we
won’t stand for. We never sacrifice quality; we use fresh fruit and only the
highest quality ingredients, each helping you reach a personal health goal,
along with enjoying a unique taste sensation.


Emerald City Smoothie is committed to offering only the best supplements, healthy snacks, and proteins available.

Our goal is to provide a large selection of dietary supplements, healthy snacks, protein, beverages, and bars to support your healthy eating habits.

If you are looking to slim down, lean out, or bulk up we have an array of high quality sports supplements for you to choose from. Some of our brands include: BSN, Cytosport, Optimum Nutrition, Labrada and Gaspari. Stop in the location nearest you for a complete selection.